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Access the preliminary program for NORDSCI 2021 here. Check your presentation slot, download needed resoursces and you're all set for NORDSCI 2022. 

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Books Preview

Book 1 Volume 5

Education and Educational Research

Language and Linguistics

Sociology and Healthcare

Book 2 Volume 5

Business and Management

Economics and Tourism


Political Science



Women, Business and the Law 2022: On the path to equality

Workshop presenters: Claudia Lenny Corminales, Legal Analyst, World Bank Group; Viktoria Khaitina, Legal Analyst, World Bank Group

The World Bank Group’ s Women Business and the Law 2022 study covers 190 economies and measures discriminatory laws and regulations in eight areas specific to how women are impacted by the law throughout their life. The study continues to build on evidence of the critical relationship between gender equality and women’s economic participation, finding that good practice legislation is strongly associated with their increased empowerment.

During NORDSCI Anniversary Edition, Women, Business and the Law 2022 presentation will showcase the main findings from the report and discuss what can be done to improve women’s economic opportunities and empower them at work and at home. Additionally, preliminary findings and analysis of pilot data collected on the provision of childcare and implementation of the law will be presented.

Authoritarian regimes: The lasting legacy and the way forward

Workshop presenters: Dr. Elena Cherepanov, Graduate School of Psychology, Cambridge College

The resurgence of authoritarian tendencies around the world makes us wonder why don’t we learn from the greatest catastrophes in modern history and what is our responsibility to the future generations in preventing future recurrences?  The workshop examines totalitarian world view, associated cognitive and behavioral patterns, and the pervasive social mythology which emerges in the wake of totalitarian regimes. Workshop demonstrates how predictable aberrations in historical memory may be at the core of repeated societal victimization. Dr. Elena Cherepanov offers strategies shown to be effective in resisting indoctrination and brainwashing.


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