Double blind peer review

Every full paper submitted for publication in the NORDSCI Conference proceedings is double-blind peer-reviewed. The peer review is made by two people from the NORDSCI Scientific Committee and the Review Board.

Scientists in the review board are reviewing the papers voluntarily. NORDSCI is currently working with more than 35 scientists from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and the Czech Republic, who are reviewing the papers together with the scientist from the Scientific Committee.

Reviewers are appointed once the full article meets the publishing criteria of NORDSCI.  Before submission for review the publishing team of NORDSCI verifies that the article meets the publishing criteria:

  1. The article has up to 5 coauthors and every author is affiliated with his institution and country

  2. The article has the same abstract submitted in registration and approved previously by the NORDSCI Scientific committee.

  3. Keywords are included.

  4. The full paper is screened for basic technical requirements.                                                        ! The publishing team reserves the right to return to authors, without peer review, improperly formatted manuscripts or non-authorized submissions.

  5. The article has Introduction, Methods and Methodology, Results and/or Discussion and Conclusion.

  6. All references are fully cited.

  7. Self-citation is kept up to 30%.

  8. Acknowledgment is written properly after the Conclusion and before the references.

Peer review process

Full paper submission by the author 

Authors submit their full papers, prepared in accordance with NORDSCI Submission guidelines

Reviewers of the manuscript are being assigned

Authors of the paper are getting removed 

Evaluation submission

Submission of the paper for evaluation to the assigned two members of the NORDSCI Review board and Scientific Committee. Their identity is kept anonymous (for the purpose of anonymous evaluation), except for those, who are willing to disclose their identity

Reviewers are commenting on the structure and quality of the paper, focusing on: 

  • if the article makes an academic contribution 

  • whether there are gaps in the full paper

  • the empirical research or the secondary data and whether the theoretical-conceptual discussions of the topic are up-to-date

  • The reviewers must evaluate if the paper has vital and full conclusions based on the Data and the results in the report


Additional evaluation

The editorial office decides if review from additional experts is needed or the review report is sufficient for a decision. Suggested reviewers by the author are also acceptable by e-mail to NORDSCI Publishing department.

Paper acceptance

After a positive evaluation of the submitted full paper, the manuscript goes for pre-print and inclusion in the NORDSCI Conference proceedings

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