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NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2018, Book 1

Education and educational research


Prof. Valentin Zhigadlo, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Odinokaya, PhD student Oksana Sheredekina


The article reveals the issue of the conditions for the effective use of multimedia educational presentations for teaching a foreign language in a non-linguistic institution. Particular attention is paid to the analyzed and summarized basic requirements for the development and design of modern multimedia educational presentations in the domestic and foreign higher education system. The article also examines the issues of evaluating multimedia educational presentations, namely the evaluation of a multimedia educational presentation from the perspective of students presenting the educational presentation; from the position of the teacher, who evaluates the educational presentation and from the position of students listening to the presentation. The article emphasizes the effectiveness of the use of interactive learning technologies with the aim of forming the universal competencies that they need in the future for personal and professional communication. The essence and content of the evaluation headings is revealed, helping to make certain expectations of students and teachers, since the evaluation criteria for a multimedia presentation are developed in advance and presented to students, allowing to form a focused feedback from the teacher. In conclusion, the conclusion is made that the use of multimedia presentations during the teaching of a foreign language in a non-linguistic institution is a tool that contributes to the expansion of the possibilities for independent work of students and the formation of self-esteem in students. Multimedia educational technologies become not only the main teaching and methodological material for organizing independent work of students of a non-linguistic high school, but also the main means of informational support for public speaking students, stimulating students to learn a foreign language. It is established that the certain principles of constructing a multimedia educational presentation, such as the high quality of teaching material in a strict academic style, and the development of a clear algorithm of the report; high quality of artistic design of the educational material; technical design and previous information retrieval of educational information using interactive technology and the Internet as a whole will contribute to the self-organization and self-development of the student, in particular, to the expansion of his scientific horizon.


multimedia, training presentations, foreign language, non-linguistic university


NORDSCI Conference Proceedings 2018 Book 1, Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2603-4107, ISBN 978-619-7495-00-3, USE OF MULTIMEDIA TRAINING PRESENTATIONS IN TEACHING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN A NON-LINGUISTIC UNIVERSITY, 205-212 pp, DOI paper 10.32008/nordsci2018/B1/V1/21

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