Escalation of the COVID‐19 coronavirus around the world, along with the recent new cases in Bulgaria, demonstrates that the environment continues to change, making it difficult to predict from day to day.
In an attempt to flatten the curve, many organizations have chosen to cancel all public gatherings until further notice. A new wave of virtual conferences is coming up in 2020 and 2021, in which COVID-19 isn’t the only reason to push more meetings online. Together with the global financial crisis, making conferences with virtual attendance has become a way to reduce conference travel expenses and make it more accessible to everyone around the globe.

Following the WHO’s announcement postponing meetings in response to COVID-19, the NORDSCI International Conference has been redesigned as a virtual event that will be held on 12-14 October 2020.

The in-person 2020 conference will be necessarily canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and associated government regulations, advisories, travel restrictions, quarantine of arrival passengers and other restrictions. NORDSCI Scientific Society is inviting you to be a part of an amazing attendee engagement just like Face-to-Face Conferences and maximize virtual Networking Opportunities and Community Building. Our goal is to deliver the physical conference experience through our virtual conference platform. We invite you to participate in the three-day online conference, present and share your research work, publish your scientific articles and enhance your career.

Three-day Exclusively Online Conference:

  • Present and share your research work via the online platform

  • Listen to the presentations and join the Q&A Session

  • Engage with the audience real time

  • Interact and receive feedback from other participants and experts

  • The presentation will be evaluated by a panel of experts

  • Obtain quality conference materials provided by the Committee

  • Share your research work, publish with well-known publishers while advancing your career

Participation forms of NORDSCI 2020 Online Exclusive Event

Virtual Lecturer

Virtual Lecturers will be granted the opportunity to present their paper as oral or poster presentation. Each Lecturer who chose to participate with an oral presentation will have an online call solely with the organizing committee in which he shall make the presentation. Only audio recording over the ppt presentation will be recorded. The recording will take place after Full paper acceptance. 

In case of poster presentation, the Virtual Lecturer will be required to submit a poster presentation to his article in the conference's deadlines which will be presented during the event. 

All oral and poster presentations will be following the conference program, which will be published prior to the virtual event.

Virtual Lecturers will be given for free exclusive additional access to 5 institutional e-mails of their organization, which could be used for their co-authors, scientific peers, students, or coworkers.


Accepted Publishers' articles will be included in NORDSCI Conference Proceedings. For first time they will have the opportunity to join the Conference live scientific program. 

Publishers will be given for free exclusive additional access to 1 institutional e-mails of their organization, which could be used for their co-authors, scientific peers, students, or coworkers.


Delegates will have full access to the full scientific program of the event. 

Conference Attendance

All registered participants will be given exclusive access to the platform, in which the conference will take place.

The additionally registered peers to the Virtual Lecturers or Publishers will receive their access after e-mail confirmation. 

Certificate of Attendance for NORDSCI International Conference 2020 and the accomplished Workshops will be digitally sent to every participant. 

Conference Proceedings

Conducting the 2020 Scientific Conference as an Exclusive Online event gives the NORDSCI Organizing Team the flexibility to provide a preview of the book to all authors, before publishing. 

CD with all-conference books will be dispatched to each participant after the conference, together with original payment documents and physical Certificates.


NORDSCI Organizing Team is excited to share with you the most-intensive workshop program! Being online gives us the opportunity to design the event to the needs of the participants more comprehensively. We have created an intensive program of Workshops, suitable for each of the conference's topics:

Practical Time Management and Personal Productivity Tools

This workshop will give you the knowledge of what are the limitations of our brains and how to cooperate with them, rather than fight with them. The course will give you practical solutions for managing focus and avoiding
distractions. You will learn techniques, and habits used for task list management and calendar

Blockchain and Healthcare

After completion of the workshop, you will be able to describe the underlying technology of blockchain, evaluate potential use cases for blockchain technology, and describe the technology's impact on the healthcare sector.

Intellectual Property: Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Creators

This course will give you the ability to develop a working knowledge of the basics of patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, describe the relationship between intellectual property protection and economic growth. With
the completion of the course, you will understand how intellectual property protections benefit individual creators, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

The Economic model of emerging countries

This course will give you the ability to understand the economic phases of development and recession in the different historical periods. You will learn which the new emerging countries are at the dawn of the third

"Inhale-Exhale" - a kinetic light sculpture [VIDEO Presentation]

Mario Stoyanov, Bulgarian PhD Student from the Technological University in Sofia will present the breathable lamp. The lamp measures air quality and represents it in a color index. The technologically inspired artifact leaves the outlines of the passive object and adapts to the living processes in the operative reality.

ZERO Waste Bulgaria [VIDEO Presentation]

Blagichka Dimitrova will present ZERO Waste Bulgaria. The sustainable urban lifestyle in the current system in which we live, is not yet entirely possible, but it is an important goal on the way to which we can achieve significant change. As consumers, we have a strong influence on the business, choosing whether or not to buy a product or service. And this can already lead to a change in the system itself.

Zero Waste Bulgaria is an official partner and consultant of NORDSCI in our vision of becoming fully ECO-sustainable organization and with a neutral nature impact. 

Please know that the Society’s conference decision making and management are founded on a strong commitment to global health, as well as the health and well-being of its members and conference attendees. We, NORDSCI Team, believe that we are on that journey together.

Making healthy, reasonable choices about what to do and what not to do will make a big difference in being able to stay as safe and as well as possible. We hope for good health to every our participant and their families and we're positively looking on welcoming you in Bulgaria, when the times get right.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public

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12-14 Oct 2020 | Online Exclusive Event

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