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NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2018, Book 1

Sociology and Healthcare


PHD student Luiza Caracostea(Cima), Prof. Dr. Rodica Sîrbu


Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive substance in the world and one of the most sold coffee, tea and soft drinks products. One of the most important sources of caffeine is coffee. Due to its widespread consumption in human population, scientists have expressed their interest in determining the adverse effects of excessive caffeine in coffee consumption that may affect human health. Careful consumption of products containing caffeine in cardiovascular disease, HTA and renal dysfunction is recommended. This study presents the main classes of coffee pollutants, focusing on organochlorine and organophosphorus pesticides, aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons. The polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon residues off different types of coffee (green coffee and roasted coffee) were determined and the pesticides obtained after roasting were analyzed and their determinations were performed with a high-performance liquid chromatograph Varian Pro Star with a detector of fluorescence. Beneficial effects and adverse effects of caffeine on the human body are presented. Among the adverse effects are the differences between green coffee and roasted coffee. Pollutants represented by PAHs are highlighted by the values obtained in the study. This analysis is motivated by the high consumption of coffee in the world and the high levels of harmfulness of these pollutants when the maximum residue levels set by current legislation are exceeded, knowing that the effect of these pollutants is cumulative over time, as they are deposited especially in the kidneys and liver, and their lipophilic character rapidly penetrates the cell membrane, thus their carcinogenic and genotoxic character. Ingestion of PAHs in food is of little concern for human health, but cumulation with other contaminants can lead to health damage.


caffeine, green coffee, roasted coffee, PAHs, aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons


NORDSCI Conference Proceedings 2018 Book 1, Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2603-4107, ISBN 978-619-7495-00-3, THE PUBLIC HEALTH IMPACT OF CAFFEINE IN COFFEE, 365-473 pp, DOI paper 10.32008/nordsci2018/B1/V1/54

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