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NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2018, Book 2

Economics and Tourism


Prof. Dr. Anna Plekhanova, PhD Kirill Kolesov, PhD Alexey Ivanov, PhD Nadezhda Ivanova


Modern conditions are characterized by a sharp acceleration of all processes taking place in society. At the same time, competition in all studied social processes has intensified. The main factors that conditioned this situation are the extremely high rate of development of communications, transportation and the associated with this global digitalization and the integration of the world space. The external environment becomes the main source of uncertainty and the opportunities for the development of each economic system. Increasing the competitiveness of economic systems at various levels should be the answer to these challenges. In this work, an economic system can be understood as any economic agent - a country, a region, an industry, an enterprise, a household, etc. The article deals with topical issues related to the development of an approach to the notion of competitiveness, based on the attractiveness of economic systems for stakeholders. Analyzing the works devoted to the competitiveness of systems, it can be noted that the main discussion goes on the competitiveness assessing indicators. The methods of evaluation offered by various scientists are more or less traditional indicators of the effectiveness or efficiency of the system. However, according to the authors, the evaluations obtained are of unequal importance for various stakeholders, and, therefore, affect the competitiveness of the analyzed systems in different ways. The authors suggested using the concept of attractiveness as a basis for determining the competitiveness of systems. Within the framework of the proposed approach, "attractiveness" is the degree of importance of one or another characteristic for a particular person evaluating the given object. Therefore, one and the same object, characterized by certain indicators of its status and development, can be attractive to one type of interested parties and unattractive for another.


competitiveness, attractiveness, evaluation, assessment


NORDSCI Conference Proceedings 2018, Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2603-4107, ISBN 978-619-7495-01-0, THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF ECONOMIC SYSTEMS AS THE ASSESSMENT BASIS OF THEIR COMPETITIVENESS, 229-234 pp, DOI paper 10.32008/nordsci2018/B2/V1/35

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