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NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2021, Book 2



Assoc. Prof. Dr IUR. Olga Sovova, Ph. D.


The role of the public administration in modern states is diverse and extensive. The state administration is traditionally connected with the activity of lordship and decision-making. The municipality and community administration is more user-oriented and supportive in difficult life situations. Both types of public administration execute permanent and daily control of their users. They check how the addressees follow laws, by-laws and orders or instructions of the public administration. Contemporary modern global society born new challenges and for both parties of the relationship. The paper examines the needs of users for a more friendly, supportive approach. The public administration's daily practice must connect particular and general interests regarding, on the one hand, the protection of human rights, on the second-hand goods of a community or the whole society. The paper analyses the thin line between support and control when delivering public service based on the Czech Republic experience. The article focuses on managerial and legal issues and possible tools for transitioning from lordship to procuring and assisting public administration.


public administration, control, support, human rights, public and individual interests


NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2021, Book 2, Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2603-4111, ISBN 978-619-7495-14-4, PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION BETWEEN CONTROL AND SUPPORT, 275-283 pp, DOI paper 10.32008/NORDSCI2021/B2/V4/24

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