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NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2018, Book 1

Education and educational research


Assoc. Prof. Larisa Naumenko


Political, socio-economic, ideological matters of a new century set special requirements to immediate change of traditional approach to studying foreign languages. Academic mobility, integration in world scientific-educational space, creation of optimal educational system and programs allow efficiently solve the tasks aiming at the qualitative approach to education. Preparation of contemporary young people to live in a constantly changing world is a major goal of modern education. The idea of this education focuses on the potential abilities of students and their realization to their advantage. Education should develop the mechanism of innovative activity, find creative ways of settling life-important issues, and serve as a stimulus to turn creativity in the norm of life.
Language teaching professionals are confronted with a lot of challenges these days, because language teaching has gone through important changes in the last few decades as a result of several conditioning factors: progress in general Linguistics, Pedagogy and Psychology, new findings of second language acquisition theories and important sociological transformations, namely the growing nature of a globalized world with the rapid widespread of new technologies. Learners are growing up with technology, and it is a natural and integrated part of their lives. For these learners the use of technology is a way to bring the outside world into the classroom. And some of these learners will in turn become teachers themselves[1]. All this proves that language teaching does not exist in the abstract but it is influenced by a wide range of individual matters and sociological and pedagogical variables of different nature.


Innovative approach, appropriate activities, focus on motivation, fit the method to the learner, potential abilities


NORDSCI Conference Proceedings 2018 Book 1, Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2603-4107, ISBN 978-619-7495-00-3, LIVENING UP BUSINESS ENGLISH LANGUAGE CLASSES, 111-119 pp, DOI paper 10.32008/nordsci2018/B1/V1/12

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