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NORDSCI Conference proceedings 2018, Book 1

Language and Linguistics


PhD Student Natalia Kosheliuk, Dr. Yulia.V. Normanskaya


This article presents the results of the description of the graphic features of the «Brief Vogul Dictionary with Russian translation, collected and put in different materials, of the Solikamsk city and the Holy Trinity Cathedral, by Archpriest Simeon Cherkalov, 1783», to identify the dialect of this source. This dictionary is of great value for the researchers who are engaged in the study of the Ob-Ugric languages, because at present time there are no Mansi language speakers in the Solikamsk area. As far as we know, there have not been any previous researches are about the description of the graphic system of the Cherkalov dictionary and its dialect affiliation.
The article is a continuation of the previous works [4] and [5], devoted to the accuracy of vowel phonemes in the classical dialect dictionaries of the Mansi language [Kannisto 2013], [Munkachi 1986] and the recently discovered Pelym-Russian dictionary, compiled by K. Slovtsov in 1905. The performed research has shown that the Kannisto dictionary is the closest to the Proto-Mansi reconstruction of vowels, made on the material of the modern Mansi dialects, and therefore is more accurate. This assumption corresponds to the received opinion of specialists in Finno-Ugric studies about the highest accuracy of Kannisto dictionary compared to Munkachi. Verification of hypothesis about the highest accuracy of the Kannisto dictionary let us depart in this article from the comparative analysis of all known Mansi language sources, and to present the results of this research based on the analysis of the graphics of the Cherkalov and Kannisto dictionaries.


Cherkalov dictionary, Mansi language, archival data, comparative-historical linguistics


NORDSCI Conference Proceedings 2018 Book 1, Conference Proceedings, ISSN 2603-4107, ISBN 978-619-7495-00-3, GRAPHIC FEATURES OF THE ARCHIVAL MANSI LANGUAGE DICTIONARY, COMPILED BY ARCHPRIEST SIMEON CHERKALOV (1783), 271-279 pp, DOI paper 10.32008/nordsci2018/B1/V1/31

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