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The world is facing its biggest challenge in the XXI century!

The situation with the COVID-19 outbreak is unprecedented and is testing each of us as an individual, as a nation, as society overall.

The pandemic affects every aspect of our lives. And undoubtedly our professional work. 


We, NORDSCI, have always believed, that the mission of science is to bring the progress forward. Through the value, you give as scientists, the problems of the present are becoming opportunities for the future.

Through your work, the world of science can learn, adapt and become better prepared for situations, like the one we're all facing now.

Our role as Scientific Publisher is to evoke our members to work on trending and important topics. To do so, we've decided to challenge you to show how is the situation of a pandemic affecting your area of research. What are your observations, forecasts, analyses.

Every paper, related to the COVID-19 outbreak, after committee approval, will be published FOR FREE as an additional paper for registered participants.

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